Welcome to Slicing!

Hi class! Here is the place to go to check out one another’s blogs. Remember to comment on posts with specific feedback. Good luck!

You can find the links below:

Amalia’s Blog

Camila’s Blog

David’s Blog

Daniel’s Blog

Felipe’s Blog

Fátima’s Blog

Juliana’s Blog

Joaquín’s Blog

Maria’s Blog

Matias’ Blog

Miguel M’s Blog

Miguel R’s Blog

Mariana’s Blog

Mini’s Blog

Nikolai’s Blog

Pablo’s Blog

Pedro’s Blog

Sofia’s Blog

Simon’s Blog

Tina’s Blog

Valeria’s Blog

Kimber’s Blog

Hello world!

Welcome to our class blog at Edublogs!

I am super excited to have us blogging together for the Slice of Life Challenge this March!  Take time to check out our site and how to use Edublogs for posting and commenting.

Every time you post or comment, keep in mind the guidelines: Safety, Respect, Kindness, Best Effort, and Responsibility.

Like more help?

We can walk you through step-by-step in our guide to getting started with your blog.

Happy blogging!